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2021 North Star Sale Consignment

Lot 29 - Caskey 9481 RR
DOB: 2-6-19     BIRTH TYPE: S     RRNN

    Final Edition
Sire: Special Edition
    Caskey 1011 RR

Dam: Caskey 7616 RR
    Rikow 0105

Maternal sister sell as Lot 46. Twin sister to 7616 sells as Lot 40. Sells bred to Fearless.
Lot 30 - Caskey 9651 RR
DOB: 3-30-19     BIRTH TYPE: S     RRNN

    Caskey 5640 - Fuller Edition
Sire: Fuller 17 TB
    Fuller 15 T

Dam: Caskey 6646 RR
    Caskey 4692 RR

Sells bred to Fearless. Pedigree is loaded with our proven bloodlines including Final Edition, Sixteen, Charlie's Pride, Unforgettable, Fusion, Distinction, Benchmark, and Lucky Seven. Final Edition is in the pedigree three times. Unforgettable and his twin sister appear four times.
Lot 31 - Caskey 7597 RR
DOB: 2-17-17     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

Sire: Benchmark
    Caskey 2703 RR

Dam: Caskey 3485 RR
    Caskey 1075 RR

Sells bred to Fearless.
Lot 32 - Caskey 7615 RR
DOB: 2-20-17     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

Sire: Cornerstone
    Caskey 2751 RR

Dam: Rikow 0105
    Mission Bell 4041

Show ewe in 2017. Twin sister to the dam of Lot 46. Two daughters retained in our flock. Sells bred to Fearless.
Lot 33 - Casley 7697 RR
DOB: 3-26-17     BIRTH TYPE: S     RRNN

Sire: BMW
    Caskey 2549 RR

    Finder 269
Dam: Frame 20001 RR
    Frame 9047

Sells bred to Fearless.
Lot 35 - Caskey 4543 RR
DOB: 2-17-14     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

    Rare Rendition
Sire: Final Edition
    Caskey 5270 RR

    Charlie's Pride
Dam: Caskey 10205
    Caskey 6053

The last Final Edition daughter we have to sell! Fianl Edtition really doesn't need much introduction. He sired more National Champions in the last decade that any other Hampshire ram. This ewe has been an outstanding brood ewe with five daughters currently in our flock and being the dam of the Reserve Champion Hampshrie Ewe at the 2020 Minnesota Youth Livestock Expo. Sells bred to Fearless.
Lot 36 - Caskey 4603 RR
DOB: 3-2-14     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

    New Era
Sire: New Weapon
    Caskey 9217 RR

Dam: Caskey 0510 RR
    Caskey 6250 RR

Another great old brood ewe! These last two ewes have been here this long for a reason: seven daughters retained in our flock! Her sam was also a very good brood ewe that we sold on a previous sale. Rodney Schaller can tell you more about the job she has done for him. Sells bred to Fearless.
Lot 41 - Caskey B104 RR
DOB: 3-1-21     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

Sire: Rich - Rikow 9062
    Rikow 9072

Dam: Caskey 6634 RR
    Frame 3665

This ewe's mother sells as Lot 34. These next six lots are all late born ewe lambs that have a lot of future ahead of them. Every year we sell these ewe lambs and they sell at very affordable prices. We receive many positive comments about what great yearlings they grow into with several being their new owners show flocks. We believe this years group won't be any different!
Lot 42 - Caskey B147 RR
DOB: 3-5-21     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

Sire: Contender
    Caskey 1246

Dam: Caskey 7630
    Caskey 1053

Didn't realize that this ewe lamb was out of the 7630 ewe when we picked out sale sheep! 7630 is a no-miss brood ewe that always has good ones. This will be the first daughter we have let go.
Lot 43 - Caskey B186 RR
DOB: 3-20-21     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

Sire: Contender
    Caskey 1246 RR

Dam: Caskey 7541 RR
    Caskey 5525

Lot 44 - Caskey B230 RR
DOB: 3-29-21     BIRTH TYPE: TR     RRNN

Sire: Contender
    Caskey 1246

    Big Top
Dam: Caskey 2685 RR
    Caskey 8044

Lot 45 - Caskey B232 RR
DOB: 3-29-21     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

    Rapid Fire
Sire: Big - Rikow 9060
    Peterson 5760

Dam: Caskey 6612
    Caskey 3623

Sire was the Reserve Senior Champion Ram at the 2020 National Hampshire Show.
Lot 46 - Caskey B236 RR
DOB: 3-30-21     BIRTH TYPE: TW     RRNN

Sire: Fearless
    Caskey 6441 RR

Dam: Caskey 7616 RR
    Rikow 0105

Those who follow our program closely know that we don't part with these Fearless daughters very often! Sold one in our spring online sale and now this one. We are keeping all the rest. Fearless-sired lambs won four of the siz classes we showed them in at the Minnesota State Fair including the Champion Ram. This ewe won't likely be a State Fair Champion, but she will be an elite piece of someones breeding program! She is a full sister to the Heavy Duty ram we are currently using in our flock. Maternal grandmother ewas the Champion Slick Sheard Ewe at the 2012 National Show. Cornerstone was Supreme Champion at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair.

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